The State of Qatar will be participating for the first time in the International Biology Olympiad (IBO) in the month of July, 2017. In order to represent Qatar with a strong team from schools in the state, the Ministry of Education organised a national competition between all independent, international, and private schools in Qatar; The National Biology Olympiad (NBO).

4 of our high-achieving students were chosen to take part in round 1 of this competition, along with nearly 400 students from around Qatar. Our students were

  • Lujain Abdulwahab , IB1
  • Mohammed Al Thani, IB1    
  • Hanan Shalaby, Year 10
  • Mehreen Masood, Year 10

Round 1 consisted of a multiple choice examination containing a series of high-level questions chosen from biology topics such as Molecular Biology, Genetics and Biotechnology.

3 of our students, namely Lujain, Mohammed, and Hanan Shalaby achieved levels high enough to allow them to progress to round 2 of the competition. This examination was much more demanding and involved structured questions which really tested the students’ ability.

Hanan Shalaby received the good news that she had been selected to move through to the next stage of the competition and is 1 of only 30 students in the whole of Qatar to achieve this. She is currently attending training sessions at Qatar Foundation, where she will develop theoretical and practical skills which will allow her to access the next level of the competition. If she can continue her excellent performance she will have the opportunity of representing Qatar in the IBO competition, in the UK.

Well done to all of our competitors for taking part and performing well, and a huge round of applause for the excellence that Hanan has shown. We wish her good luck for the rest of the competition.