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Please find outlined below our payment structure. Our Admin office is available to assist you and answer any questions you may have.

Entrance Test Fee

  • The entrance fee of QR 550 is non-refundable and non-transferable and payable before the entrance test. This fee covers the cost of processing and reviewing the tests.
  • This fee is separate from the registration and tuition fees.
  • Entrance exam fee is payable each time student is tested for entrance purposes.

Registration Fee

  • This fee is a one-time registration fee (PDF 181 KB) of QR 4,000 that is non-transferable and non-refundable for each child.

Tuition Fees 2019/2020

ClassFirst TermSecond TermThird TermFees/Year

Book Levy*

Pre School

Year 1-613,1209,9009,90032,9201,500
Year 7-817,81012,85012,85042,9302,500
Year 917,81013,25013,25044,3102,750
Year 10 (GCSE)19,18014,20014,20047,5802,750
Year 11 (GCSE)19,18014,20014,20047,5803,000
Year 12 (IB 1 & AS)20,85015,60015,60052,0504,000
Year 13 (IB 2)20,85015,60015,60052,0504,000

* Book Levy, Stationery / Lab. Fees

Please read more in our Tuition Fees Policy (PDF 262KB).

Examination Fees

Examination Fees will be added to Tuition Fees as follows : 
• Year 11( IGCSE ) 575 QR. per subject
• Year 12 (AS- Level ) 685 QR. per subject
• Year 13 I.B. Certificate 4,500 QR. per year
• Year 13 I.B. Diploma 6,000 QR. per year

Bus Fees

The bus has a fixed travel route. Bus service is provided based on seats availability and location.

First TermSecond TermThird Term
1-Way Bus1,6001,2001,200
2-Way Bus2,8002,1002,100

Fees Payment Dates

ClassFirst TermSecond TermThird Term
Pre-School to Year 1329th August 20192nd December 20203rd March 2020
  • Parents are responsible for prompt payment of all school fees.
  • All tuition and fee payments are due and payable according to the payment schedule below.
  • The tuition fee is billed on a yearly basis for those students sponsored by a company. Individuals are billed on a quarterly basis.
  • As according to Board policy, if payments are not made within six weeks of the due date, the student(s) will not receive their progress reports.
  • Full-term tuition fees will be charged regardless of when a child is admitted within the term.
  • To reserve a place for a student for a full term whilst student is away, half of the term's fees will be charged.
  • No refund will be given if a student withdraws from GES.

Re-Registration Fee

  • A fee of QR 4,000 is due at re-enrolment time to secure a seat for your child for the following academic year.